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Monsanto Man, Super Stupid - standing - original mock-up by Michael Daly, artist



Monsanto Man was introduced by Michael Daly, artist on September 17, 2012 at the State Capitol in Honolulu. This was the first birthday of Occupy Wall Street and an action lead by DeOccupy Honolulu to protest GMO, Pioneer Seeds and Monsanto in Hawai`i.


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“Stop Monsanto From Poisoning Hawai'i: Genetic Engineering Chemical Warfare”

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Monsanto Man -Super Stupid-w Tomatoe, original moke-up by Michael Daly, artist

Occupy GMO Hawai`i is a web-action initiative.
ʻaiʻiki ā kiʻi ~ shareing knowledge and graphics in Hawai`i nei for the benefit of all.
We distribute information and promotional collateral that authors and artists create in the interest
of food sovereignty and that delivers fast and direct public awareness of GMO concerns.
We promote wholesome alternatives of permaculture, environmental stewardship, traditional cultural
practice, economic justice, community cohesion and sustainability.





Taro illustration, Michael Daly artist




In Hawai`i and the USA, GMOs are NOT labelled - it is impossible even for organic food processors and distributors to guarantee that GMOs are not contaminating their organic products. Chefs and restaurateurs are equally in mayhem because many pride themselves on delivering excellence, natural taste, nutrition and safety to the dinning table - they cannot guarantee that.

GMO industry leaders in the "field" use some 70 pesticide sprays on a daily basis to keep these Frankenstein-plants from imploding. The dust and seepage here contaminates neighbourhoods, schools, air, water and ultimately ocean and reef. It contaminates traditional farm fields across wind and downstream.

The two trans-national GMO corporations creating vast profit by unfairly manipulating the rules and marketplace in Hawai`i are
MONSANTO and PIONEER HYBIRD SEEDS. Monsanto is the maker of Round-up, banded in many countries and Agent Orange a chemical weapon of war. Monsanto is responsible for an epidemic wave of suicides of Indian farmers caught in a pesticide spiral trap without hope.

Having to look back on the historic demise of Hawaii's favourable sugar production destroyed through decades of unfair trade impositions by the USA, it is chilling to realize Hawaii's prime agriculture lands, especially on Oahu, are now developed as urban sprawl, mega highways and turn pikes and parking lots. The recently announced Honolulu heavy rail corridor is yet another blow. Gouging trans-national contractors and certain union members will be paid from funds and a new bloated economy derived by further suburban development, population and consumerism replete with home units (many with double car garages) and shopping malls with the normal acreage of asphalt car parks.

First Hawaiians and first multi-national descendants of the subjects of the Hawaiian Kingdom have lost more than their sugar and pineapple industries - the Hawaiian islands have been occupied for 119 years and with that their culture of the 'Aina (land) has all but disappeared. The GMO attack now threatens to infest the sacred stable food and way of taro - kalo.

Kanaka Maoli Hawaiians, local farmers, sustainability advocates, health professionals, shoppers, students, individuals and groups on Kaua`i, Maui, Hawai`i (the Big Island), Moloka'i and Oahu are protesting Monsanto, Pioneer Seeds and the industry's moneyed grip of local government.

They are educating people, calling for GMO labelling and at the same time attempting to develop food sovereignty, local garden markets and sustainability.

Despite these efforts, suddenly, without penetrating public knowledge and input, we learn that Hawai`i is now the largest grower of GMO corn. The crops are exported and used mostly for GMO corn syrup - a toxic unknown, unlabeled substitute in family bought drinks, confectionary and foods - a substitute for our old yet healthy and safe raw sugar cane we once appreciated.


Occupy Wall Street Ballerina tb





Occupy GMO Hawai`i understands the needs, goals and methods of Occupy Wall Street. In the wake of the Arab Spring revolutions OWS was begun at Liberty Park, NYC on September 17, 2011. It has become a worldwide movement which helped identify and spotlite the unfair and destructive influence of the ultra-rich and monopolistic trans-national banks and corporations. These corporations operate through the New York Stock Exchange, the US Chamber of Commerce, the US Government and similar organizations, World Bank, IMF and governments around the world.

Second only to the banks and financial sector that are busy making and disbursing global toxic assets, feeding the deadly oil, coal, gas and war industries and having an insatiable tax-payer "relief" syndrome (bail-out), we have the next biggest unfair ill-conceived enterprise; the GMO industry - Genetically Modified Organism which splice the DNA of plant and animal and pesticides together in sealed laboratories. Most independent scientists and health advocates identify as biohazard labs.

The cornerstone and symbol of this industry is the MONSANTO brand, a corporation which has taken hold of basic physical and intellectual life resources; land, people, food, patents and law, government, bio-technology and economies. Monsanto is now synonymous with the worst aspects of Globalization, Wall Street and some are concerned about the use of GMOs as a means of population reduction.

On the first anniversary of OWS, oGMOh joined with GMO awareness advocates who have been on the public campaign trail for at least two decades. We joined with Occupy Monsanto, DeOccupy Honolulu and GMO-free groups on all Hawaiian islands that gathered in solidarity to promote awareness events on September 17, 2012. We joined with OWS anniversary actions entitled “All Roads Lead to Wall Street” and the international Occupy Monsanto group’s call to action on that same week.

GMO awareness advocates know the science, facts, risks and struggles on the health and societal dangers of GMO madness. This industry is a global monolith with USA regulators
and government entities, including Congress and the White House in their deep pockets. As with Climate Change and the broken Kyoto environmental emissions agreements the USA is viewed as fundamental in keeping pledges and making changes needed to secure a fluent way to peace and sustainability for our children.

Yet, the USA is now seen as a chronic military juggernaut dependant on instability, division and coercion. Much of the Arab Spring turbulence can be attributed to USA instalment and financial aid used for military dictatorships like Egypt and Tunisia. The US is the repeating single obstacle to critical international agreements where the majority or full contingent of other nations have, by common sense and acceptance of scientific law, reached sound consensus. In these outrageous days of Globalization, the USA is the easiest power-tool of big business caring not for the welfare of life and humanity; it’s own citizen and natural resources least of all developing countries.

As with toxic fossil fuel emissions this government/private-partnership as a general entity is accelerating GMOs poisons into the planet's biosphere and bio-chain and overreaching the otherwise proper road to renewable energy, non-violence and economic justice. It maintains an agenda that seeks to control and patent seed production and our natural food systems, distracting people through overwork, underpay, superficial entertainment and embedded news services that polish the veneer but all the while propagating noxious fatal cultures that only enrich a relative handful for a relative blink in time.

The dangers and ethical problems of the GMO industry has always been known and with each passing day the industry is expanding while new studies are confirming that GMOs are associated with birth defects, cancer and infertility. Already GMOs strands are contained in at least one basic ingredient, such as corn syrup, used in more than 90% of the average supermarket shopper's checkout items.

The more Monsanto and its commerce chamber delay public knowledge by partnerships with government and media, the sooner it peaks as a tipping point in global control. At this point only the weight of the mass of people’s awareness can tip the slide back to the prospect of a sustainable future.